Selling Your Home November 23, 2021

Staging: Not An Expense But An Investment

When it comes to marketing and selling a home, staging can be a powerful tool. 77% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it’s staged, 27% of buyers are more willing to “overlook property faults” on staged homes, and 40% of buyers are “more willing to walk through a staged home they saw online.”

There are many good arguments for investing in a professional home stager. Staging can help a home sell faster and boost the buyer’s desire for a home, resulting in a potentially higher closing price. A 2018 survey of more than 4,000 homes deduced that 68% of staged homes sold for at least 9% more than those of their un-staged neighbors’.

Some agents are turning towards virtual staging. Virtual staging uses computer imaging technology to create realistic listing photos that display a staged home, even though the property itself isn’t physically staged. Through 3D modeling and photo editing, empty rooms transform into a staged home. The results are impressive.

The positives for virtual home staging are that it is less expensive than traditional home staging and is completed in less time. However, stagers believe virtual staging is deceptive, as buyers will be disappointed when they arrive at an empty home.

Virtual Staging Software Options

  1. Virtual Staging Solutions
  2. BoxBrownie
  3. VisualStager
  4. VHT Studios
  5. VRX Staging

It might depend on your philosophy when it comes to staging. If your primary motivation is generating interest in the home online, you might want to go with virtual staging to create appealing photographs to drive more leads. If you want buyers to experience a home’s potential when they visit an open house or walk-through, then you’ll probably want to go for a traditional home staging. 

What Part of Your Home Should You Stage?

Below is what over 4,200 surveyed home buyers deemed the most critical rooms in the home to have staged.

  • 86% Living Room
  • 84% Master Bedroom
  • 68% Kitchen
  • 63% Outside Space 
  • 71% Dining Room

Whether you are physically for virtually staging, in either case, it’s a good idea to view staging not as an expense but as an investment. If you’re thinking of selling soon and would like to work with a stager, contact me today. I will connect you to trusted professionals who will make your home look its best.